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Restauration and re emphasis of one of the last Imperial Chalets

The Chalet Tivoli was completed in 1861 at the behest of Napoléon III. With its area of 4000 square metres it is situated face to face with the Thermal Palace of Plombières-les-Bains (Vosges). Its renovation necessitates the intervention of all kinds of craftmanships, a challenge with the aim of associating ancient prestige with contemporary ease. Its particularities, which are manifold, all have their advantages, each deserving special attention.

Panoramic view from Chalet TIVOLI to Napoléon III thermal palace

A healthy and calm environment

Green gem

The valley of the Augronne is deeply gashed and covered with woods. From its bottom sparkle the hot healing waters which have made for the renoun of Plombières-les-Bains since Roman times. Its  history is reflected in its architecture and its substrucures which are typical of Lorraine.

Specialities: Spa and tourist location, wellness and health programmes, casino, 2 parks, swimming bath and other facilities in the surroundings (riding, flex-wing flying, etc.)

Cultural Heritage

The project of Chalet Tivoli

To commit oneself to Chalet Tivoli means partaking in a part of France's history. First of all it’s playing a part in an extraordinary site and benefiting from the privilege to get involved with its spirit.

The dimensions and the interrelated disposability of the Chalet's diverse parts may also destinate the property to habitation / receptions as for instigating a harmonious development towards other destinations. A potential to be discovered, a way to show your capabilities.