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Renovation and re emphasis of a rare example of an imperial Chalet

Our idea is to link the renovation of Chalet Tivoli with a project for multi-facetted use given by the extraordinary site conditions. There is a plethora of possibilities linked both to the house and to the ground that is yet partly constructible. The site's attraction is highlighted by the historical thermal spa of Plombières-les-Bains amidst rural scenery. Please do not hesitate to contact us for reason of renovation and/or exploitation.


Historical thermal spa

At the outskirt of the southern Vosges travel time from Switzerland, Germany, Luxemburg is less than a two hours and, by TGV, around three hours from Paris. Plombières is linked with Luxemburg by a toll-free four-lane highway.

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Le Chalet Tivoli

Imperial Chalet - 1861

On a surface of 4000 square metres, a beautiful 19th C. residence of about 1000 square metres is adjacent to the Tivoli Park, vis-à-vis the Nouveaux Thermes, equidistant to the Casino/Imperial Park and to the historical centre of Plombières.